Information on Safety of Medicines

Dear specialists!

In accordance with the order of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 13 of March 9, 2018 "On approval of the regulation on the procedure for informing identified adverse reactions when using medicinal products", in the event of adverse reactions occurring, it is necessary to issue and send in writing a message on the detected case within the prescribed time frame.

If it is concluded by a doctor that such serious adverse reactions as: anaphylactic reaction, Lyell's syndrome or Stevens-Johnson syndrome, as well as in the case of death of a person, are associated with the use of the drug, it is necessary to report this within 1 day.
In all other cases, it is necessary to report within 10 days about the observed or identified adverse reactions, as well as the lack of efficacy of the drugs used.

If you identify an adverse reaction to a drug, fill out the message card form.

To send a message, you must download and fill out a message card form (a form of a message card for side effects, serious side effects and the lack of effectiveness of drugs).

Filled in Word forms of message cards, send to E-mail: or to the address: 100002, Tashkent, st. Ozod, K. Umarov's passage, 16.

If you have any questions, please call: 71-242-48-23; 71-242-65-76.

Form of the card for reporting the identified adverse reaction when using the drug.