Notice of cancellation of state registration of drugs

10.09.2017 11722

We inform you about the cancellation of the state registration of drugs:

  1. OXAMP® - SODIUM - powder for preparation of a solution for intramuscular administration 333.5 mg + 166.5 mg (vials) Russia Sintez, JSC, B-250-95 33902 registered RUz 29/10/12 - Canceled on 09/08/2017 (based on decisions of the expert council);
  2. MR AXAMPICIN Powder for preparation of injection solution 0.5 g N10 (1x10) (vials) Republic of Uzbekistan Merrymed Farm, OOO, DV / M 01307/02/17 dated 03/02/17 - Canceled on 07.21.2017 (based on the decision of the expert council ).